10 ways to improve your life and your health

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10 ways to improve your life and your health

Revi uses gentle and targeted osteopathic treatment techniques encouraging the body to heal itself by removing restrictions imposed on the body by both internal and external conditions.

Reduce stress: Stress can be caused by trauma and a busy lifestyle. Stress can weaken the immune system, increase blood pressure, cause IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and headaches. It can also affect posture and digestion.
Address headaches and migraines: headaches and migraines can be caused by muscle tightness, work ergonomics, trauma and hormonal changes.
Alleviate neck and back pain: neck and back pain can be caused by injury to muscles, ligaments or vertebrae which can be associated with either an active or sedentary lifestyle.
Ease muscle tightness and soreness: muscle tightness and soreness can occur due to exercise or any activity the body is not used to performing.
Improve mobility, strength and well-being: Compromised mobility affects an individual’s lifestyle, resulting in a restricted ability to perform day-to-day tasks.
Decrease symptoms associated with degenerative disease: e.g. osteoarthritis. Degenerative disease can occur due to lifestyle choices or bodily wear and tear.
Relieve the symptoms associated with chronic illness: Living with chronic illness takes a great toll on the body, as it is functioning under stressful conditions. The body is not able to use its resources to heal itself which can result in a worsening of the symptoms.
Reduce swelling and inflammation: Swelling and inflammation can be caused by compromised lymphatic drainage and circulation. This can result in a reduction of normal nutrient supply to and waste removal from the tissues.
Improve breathing: Breathing can be compromised by respiratory disease, muscle strain, pain, stress or poor posture thus disallowing the respiratory system to maintain normal levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Pre- and post-operative care: osteopathic treatment promotes better health before surgery and addresses trauma and stress post operatively. This combination can reduce recovery and healing time and help the individual return to normal function.